Alex Midler is a 16 year old high school student who lives in Calabasas, California. Alex first stepped on a skateboard at 3 years old in the driveway of his parents’ house in Westport, Connecticut. As a young kid, Alex participated in all of the traditional team sports – soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse — but was most interested in skateboarding. After moving with his family to California, Alex could be found skating every day in his new town in Manhattan Beach. By the time he was 8 years old, Alex was living in Calabasas, discovered Skatelab in Simi Valley and was skating there as often as he could.

To encourage his love of skating, Alex’s parents signed him up to compete in a few CASL contests in LA and Orange Counties. His first “one minute run” in the “mini” division was interesting to say the least, with young Alex attempting (and bailing on) the same trick four times until his time ran out. But, after achieving some success later in the year, little Alex gave up the traditional team sports for good.

Several years and a lot of practice later, in 2010 he won the Gatorade Free Flow stop near Portland Oregon at Windells Summer Camp, securing him a spot in the national Free Flow finals in Salt Lake City. In 2011 he became among the youngest skaters to have achieved semifinals at several Damn Am events (Including a 4th place finish at Woodward Damn Am) and made his Tampa Am debut.

Today, Alex is as passionate as ever about skating. He is a sponsored team rider for Volcom, Redbull, GoPro, REAL Skateboards, Nike SB, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Bones Swiss, Skatelab and his local skate and surf shop, Val Surf. He has appeared in a featured role in FUEL TV’s Camp Woodward, Seasons 4, 5, and 6 as well as FUEL’s New Pollution and Built to Shred. He was featured in a television commercial for Robinson’s Fruit Shoot energy drink, which was filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay. He also appeared in a public service announcement for The Rob Dyrdek Foundation. Alex has appeared several times on the skateboarding site The Berrics, and in numerous video parts filmed and edited by his brother Todd Midler.

Alex believes it is very important to give back to those less fortunate. In 2011, he organized the First Annual Roll-a-thon for Johnny Kicks Cancer. The 4th Annual Roll-a-thon is coming soon. Alex is also involved with an organization called Bridge to Skate, which provides skateboarding equipment and events for kids in inner city LA neighborhoods.