I realize how lucky I am to be able to pursue my dream to be a professional skateboarder. I get to do the thing I love the most – skateboarding – every day, in great places and with great people. I know that not everyone has the opportunities that I have, whether because of where they live, what they can afford or  their health. That’s why I think it is so important for me to give back to those people who need help.I learned when I was very young that it also feels really good to be involved in helping others. When I was 13, my parents helped me organize my first “Roll-a-thon” in honor of Johnny Romano, who was a young boy who loved skateboarding as much as I do. Johnny would have been 17 (my age) today had he not died of childhood leukemia seven years ago after a very courageous struggle against the disease. All the money we raised during our three Roll-a-thons went to Johnny Kicks Cancer, a charity in Johnny Romano’s name that donates money for research into childhood leukemia. Starting a Roll-a-Thon four years ago taught me how important it is – and how much fun – to give back to others less fortunate than myself. I am looking forward to the Fourth Annual Roll-a-thon this Fall.

I also support the efforts of others who are doing what they can to give back and help their communities and others. Links to the organizations that I support are directly below and I encourage you to visit them and support them yourselves.

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Alex Midler’s Third Annual Roll-A-Thon

Alex Midler held his third Annual ‘Roll-A-Thon’ to benefit the ‘Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation’.
The mission of ‘Johnny Kicks Cancer’ is to cure childhood leukemia through awareness and funding for cutting-edge research, as well as to empower and encourage patients, families and doctors in their fight against the number one childhood cancer.